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The stressing of a particular word more than other words in a sentence is referred to as emphatic or contrastive stress. Such as a stress normally has its implications in terms of the meaning of the sentence.


  1. JAMES borrowed the novel (i.e James not anybody else borrowed it)
  2. James BORROWED the novel. (i.e. James didn’t, for example, steal or buy the novel, he borrowed it.)
  3. We MUST honour the invitation. (wether we like it or not)
  4. I BOUGHT the book. (I didn’t steal it)
  5. This is THE Mr. Obi. (of special fame)

Comprehension: Meteors

The passage is adopted from the New Atlas of the Universe by Patrick More. It centre on Meteors, the junior member of th solar system. They are small and very plentiful in the solar system. There are two types of Meteors; showers and sporadic meteor.


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