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What is a vowel sound?  A vowel sound is a speech sound that is made with the vocal that being opened.

We shall be contrasting three monothongs or pure vowels which are /u/, /u:/ and /D/

/u/                    /u:/                   /D/

Bull                 brute                cost

Book               boom               cot

Cook               two                  fog

Cold                crew                stop

Foot                 blue                 loss



Transcribe the following words e.g.

Bull/bull, brute/bru:t/

(i)         boom               (ii)        stop     (iii)       wood               (iv)       cot       (v)        log



  1. Give 2 examples of words that have this vowel sound in them /u:/
  2. Give 3 examples of words that have this vowel sound in them /o/

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