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Data Processing (secondary)

Anti-virus software is your computer’s best defense against malware (e.g., viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware) – install and update anti-virus software on your computer and regularly scan your computer to make sure it is free from malware

  • Download the latest system and application updates for your computer, which may include important security patches
  • Make sure that the security tools on your computer are up to date, and select the automatic update option if possible
  • Do not access the Internet without first enabling an updated firewall, especially when using DSL or a cable modem
  • If your security software has identified malware on your computer, you need to remove it and then change your Online Banking password
  • Avoid clicking attachments or links in unsolicited email messages, doing so could lead to the0020installation of malware on to your computer
  • For your security, always type the Internet address (e.g., directly into your browser
  • Always sign out and close your browser after using a secure website
  • When your computer is not in use, consider shutting it down or disconnecting it from the Internet

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