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Common Social Problems in Nigeria

Social Studies

Social issues and problems are matters which directly or indirectly affect many or all members of a society. They are problems because they constitute nuisance to the members of the public. They are recurrent problematic behaviour which occur due to civilization, technological advancement and negative effects of global economic growth.


Social problems include:-

corruption                                cultism

poverty                                    prostitution

examination malpractice         kidnapping

teenage pregnancy                  human trafficking

religious crisis                          HIV/AIDS

drug abuse, etc.


Causes of Social Problems

  1. Parental and home background may lead one to join cult. Some children may be influenced by their parents’ involvement in similar activities. Some parents are members of secret cult.
  2. Children from broken homes may find solace in cultism. A home that is characterized by child abuse, intolerance, violence, insecurity and hostility may be a breeding ground for prospective cult members.
  3. Love of money has taken over the minds of many Nigerians. In the educational sector, it is one of the major causes of examination malpractice. Many invigilators and examination officials collect bribe from candidates.
  4. Lack of education keeps children from obtaining jobs that would lift them and their families out of poverty. Often children are kept from school because they are needed at home to support their family with additional income.
  5. Bad economy: Some economic problems being experienced in thecountry. E.g.low standard of living, low level of unemployment and so on affect majority of the citizen. The major effect of all these is poverty. Many people resort to kidnapping, advance fee fraud to survive the harsh economic condition of the country.
  6. Influence of internet and television: Children and youths that are uncontrollably exposed to bad television programmes are likely to imbibe bad behaviours and exhibit the same in the society. The existence VCD and DVD machines which allow people to freely watch dirty films is a serious problem.



  1. What are social issues and problems?
  2. Mention four causes of social problems in Nigeria.



  1. All these are the causes of social issues and problems EXCEPT_________ A. hardware
  2. lack of cooperation C. disobedience D. government policy
  3. To curb cultism, students should A. arrest cultists B. encourage cultism C. fear cultists
  4. say “No” to cultism
  5. The challenges that are currently affecting the generality of the people in the society are called social A. achievement B. activities C. development D. issues
  6. All the following are causes of drug trafficking EXCEPT A. unemployment negative peer pressure C. lack of self discipline D. employment
  7. The following offences are common in Nigeria EXCEPT ________ A. drug pushing
  8. election malpractice C. examination malpractice D. slavery



  1. What are social issue and problems?
  2. Mention four social problems in Nigeria


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