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The minimum charge at which the central bank lends to commercial banks is called

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The various rights attached to different classes of shares are stated in the

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Which of the following is an intangible asset of a firm?

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Which of the following is true of rail transport?

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Dividend is a always expressed as a percentage of total

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If the amount of dividend paid varies according to the level of profit; what type of share is involved?

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A refund of the duty collected on goods imported and processed for re-export is

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Which of the following terms is used in marine insurance when the cargo suffers partial loss?

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Who is responsible for the payment of the bill in documentary credits?

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A label as a product such as “Three Crown Milk” is a form of

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The scope of commerce is limited to

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The money used by Njie & Co. Ltd in running the day-to-day activities of the business is represented by

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Which of the following is not a method of discharging a contract?

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Which of the following is used to show that goods imported were produced in an ECOWAS member country?

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The refund made on goods re-exported after being imported is known as

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Farming is an activity that falls under

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Which of the following is not a function of the ports Authority?

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Which of the following can be defined as trade and aid to trade?

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Who among the following does not function in the stock exchange market?

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C & F as a price quotation in foreign trade means that the buyer

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Which of the following is not used to correct an adverse balance of payment?

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An advantage of a public limited company over a private one is the

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The main feature of a holding company is

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Market skimming is an example of

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An open cheque is one

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Which of the following provides a proof of posting and that the item has got to the addresses?

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A retirement insurance policy which enables the assured to receive income for a specific period is

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A specially designed container to convey crude oil or liquid from one’ location to another is a

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Partnership form of business is most appropriate

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Which of the following involves the delivery of mails to a traveler without fixed address?

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Which of the following is not an obstacle to the achievement of the objective of ECOWAS?

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Total assets minus current liabilities is equal to a company’s

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When an insurance company indemnifies the insured and takes over his rights, this is known as

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Which of the following is a means by which a contract of agency could be terminated?

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The production of goods in anticipation of demand is possible because of the existence of

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Which of the following has as one of its objectives the removal of obstacles to movement of people and goods across the boundaries of member countries?

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A debenture is mortgaged when it is

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The main advantage of sea transport over air transport is

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Which of the following organizations aim at providing relief for countries facing adverse balance of payment?

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A retailer sells his products at “buy-two-take-three”. The sales promotion method referred to is

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