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Cleaning agents are chemicals that aid the washing and cleaning of kitchen equipment and utensils. The commonly cleaning agent used in the kitchen is soap. Soap is classified into local and commercial cleaning agent.

Homemade or locally made cleaning agents are the ones made by using local materials within our environment, they are cheap and effective. Examples include grinded egg shell, pawpaw leaf, wood ash, local sandpaper leaf, coconut husk, fine sand, soap etc.

Commercial cleaning agents are produced industrially after undergoing some certain processes. They are always expensive and come in form of solid bar, paste, liquid, powder etc. examples are detergent, bar soap, morning fresh, windows lane, and silvo.

Abrasives are substances used for grinding or polishing surfaces in the kitchen; they are used for scurrying or rubbing off dirt or stains on equipment. It can be classified into local and commercial.



Kitchen linen are the different types of linen used for cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene and safety in the kitchen. They include;

  1. Tea towel: for wiping cutleries, cook grease, glass ware and also to dry vegetables when necessary.
  2. Dish cloth: to wipe kitchen equipment, table and work areas and sink, they can also be used to wipe off split liquids.
  3. Oven gloves/ cloth: for removing hot pot and dishes from the oven and top ranges.
  4. Hand towel: for drying hands.
  5. String mop: for mopping any split liquid or for drying the floor after mopping.
  6. Napkin: for drying hands.
  7. Muslin: for covering food and straining.


  • Itemize 5 local cleaning agents and their uses
  • Mention 5 types of kitchen linen and their uses

Assignment: in a tabular form write the uses, care and cleaning of mechanical equipment

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