There are four classification of computer by size name:

(i) Micro computer

(ii) Mini computer

(iii) Mainframe computer

(iv) Super computer

  • Micro Computer: A micro computer is the smallest computer that has a processor on a single silicon chip. Its CPU is a micro processor chip. Examples of micro computers are personal computer (PC), laptop computer, desktop computer, palm top computer, etc.
  • Mini Computer: Mini computers are smaller, less powerful and expensive than mainframe computer. They are used for special purpose or small scale general works. They are not as large as mainframe computer but they can store large amount of data.
  • Mainframe Computer: These are large general purpose computer with extensive processing, storage, input and output unit. They are powerful and very expensive type of computer. They operate at a very high speed and they very large storage capacity and can handle workload of many users. Example of mainframe computers are DEC 1CL, IBM 3000 series.
  • Super Computer: Super Computers are the fastest and the most expensive computer. They have high processing speed compared to others. Super

Super computers are also the largest type of computer. While other types of computers perform a task at a time, super computers can perform several tasks at the same time with a high degree of accuracy. The equipment needed for super computers are very powerful.

Therefore, there is a need for special environment and a reliable cooling system because they generate a lot of heat. Examples of super computers are CYBER 205, CRAY 1, CRAY 2, CRAY XMP, etc.


  1. Explain micro computer and super computer
  2. Mention examples of micro computer & mainframe computer

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