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Values is the actual worth of a thing in monetary terms.

Values can be seen as the importance that we attach to a thing.

Society values refers to the norms, standards and principles which the society expects from people living in it.

Forms of values

Moral values: This has to do with conduct and disciplined behaviour.
Economic value: This is the effort of an individual to earn a living through economic activities
Social value: This is our pattern of behaviours
Political value: This involves leadership and good governance
Individual virtue: This is the belief and faith to survive and succeed in life.

Importance of values

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Honesty means the quality of being truthful, honest and treating people fairly and sincerely

The attributes of honestly

The act of saying the truth and not telling lies or being biased.
Respecting oneself and performing one’s job according to laid down rules.
Being reliable and dependable
Being obedient and faithful

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