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Civic Eduaction (All Classes)

CCA (secondary school)


Honesty is the human quality of being straight forward and truthful in words action. The society through leaders who value honesty honour people such as a honest person can be trusted because he will always speak the truth. According to Wikipedia encyclopaedia honesty is the human quality of community and acting truthfully.                         ATTRIBUTES OF HONESTY Truthfulness : if a person is ho nest it means been always truthful in any situation and in all his communication. He will tell the truth even if he is to be punished or hurt. He is straight forward and blunt. Godliness: Honesty cannot be divorced from godliness. Honest people fear only God. It is the fear of God that makes a child report himself to the school authority when he destroys schools property and nobody knows about it. Loyalty : A honest person is ever loyal to his beliefs and country Reliability:… Read More »TYPES OF VALUES 2 (Honesty)

CCA (secondary school)


A value promotes good value system by an individual. It guides his goal setting. A value system can be improved by: Consistency: This is being used to do the same thing frequently without charging such a person can be predicted on his beliefs and does not embrace bad value in the society. Integrity : This describes the qualities of strong moral principles in a person. He will be opposed to taking bribes, corruption, examination malpracticed and so on. Commitment : It must focusing completely on an activity unity it is accomplished. Citizen are required to be committed to government’s programme. Fairness : This is threatens people equally according to the rule. It is achieving favouritism in all its forms. Tolerance : This is the willingness to accept opinions or behaviour of other who may not likes us it respects. Other cultures, religion and faster peace, co-operation and progress in the… Read More »FACTOR THAT PROMOTES GOOD VALUES SYSTEMS

Civic Education


VALUE Value can be the monetary and non-monetary worth of a thing in the ordinary sense. In civic education value is used to refer to all moral standards and principles that guides human actions. Being moral i.e. refer to what our society’s belief about what is right or wrong socially and culturally. Such principles make a citizen important, good and active in Nation building (progressing peacefully).   The unprincipled person is that person without moral principles e.g. a dishonest person. Some of the things that value include expensive cars, house, jewelleries and certificates. We guide and keep them jealously. Also the society esteem valuable persons high on them have values that the society embraces. The university accepted types of values include honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, truthfulness, courage, self-reliance, cooperation and so on.   LEVELS OF MANIFESTATION OF VALUE Values can be manifested in the following ways: By being low abiding citizen:… Read More »VALUE

Civic Education


A federation or a federal system on in which there is constitutional division or three tires of government (Federal, State/region and local government). In a federation, the central (federal in Nigeria) represents the whole country and act on behalf of all in common matters like defence, external affairs, currency, and national revenue and so on. A federation is a system of government which government power that exists in the country is shared between a central government and other components governments.   The name Nigeria was given by Miss. Floral Shaw (later Mrs. Lugard) in her essay which first appeared. In times of January 1897, Nigeria started to exist at the amalgamation of Northern and Southern protection. Nigeria is the 99th member of the United Nation organisation since October 1st, 1960 became a federal republic on October 1st, 1963.   Currently Nigeria has 36 states which include Abia, Anambra, Zamfara, Lagos… Read More »NIGERIA AS A FEDERATION

Civic Education

Attributes of a Courageous Persons

The following are some of the attributes a courageous person: Commitment: a courageous person should always be hardworking and very loyal Endurance : a courageous person should be able to tolerate suffering ,pain and hardship without complaining Determination : a courageous person should have a strong feeling or desire to achieve results or goals Steadfastness: a courageous person must be firm and must not be somebody who changes his/her words and actions anyhow and must be known for what he or she is. Diligence : one must be careful, thorough and very hardworking Boldness : one must not be fearful in whatever he/she does Bravery : one must be ready to face danger ,pain or suffering when carrying out a task, which means he or she must be lion hearted Assignment Mention 5 attributes of courageous person in society   See also What is courage School Rules DISCIPLINE EFFECTS OF… Read More »Attributes of a Courageous Persons


Some of such problem that lack of contentment breeds in our society includes: THEFT: Lack of contentment leads to stealing, a child that lack contentment will steal from his friend money in school in order to live and look like them. PROSTITUTION: woman lacking contentment are easily lured into prostitution because she wants to acquire more jewelries, clothes, shoes and bags when her resources can not support these. ENVY: The envious person would want to get rid of the rich one to have their wealth. He will go into social line kidnapping and assassination. Corruption Greed Robbery Cheating   Assignment Mention five consequences of lack of contentment on society   See also CONTENTMENT NEEDS FOR PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY INTEGRITY

Civic Education


Contentment is the quality of being satisfied with what one has or the situation one find himself while hoping and working towards a better function. A contentment person will not envy another person as he is satisfied with what he has. He’s humble disciplined. ATTRIBUTES OF CONTENTMENT SATISFACTION: A contented person is always satisfied with his possession. He would not be negatively pushed to act abnormally (ungodly) and indecent to get more riches or possession as he work hard for a better nature. HATRED FOR CORRUPTION AND GREEDINESS: He will snub grab it all in all he does. He will earn only hoibrable and decent money not embezzling or taking bribes. HUMILITY: A contented person is humble and does not drag or raise shoulders. LACK OF ENVY: He is never enving those that are better than him through dubious ways. Rather he believed that with hard work and patience he… Read More »CONTENTMENT

Civic Education


There are needs for people of integrity in our society because of the following reason: The need for community development, only people of integrity will not compromise standard and this can actually bring about growth and development in a community. To bring about peaceful co-existence into the community, that is only the men and women of integrity could promote peace through. To harness human and material resources of the community for the welfare of the people living in that community. To raise people of like mind, people who will go against oppression and dictorship in government. To foster unity and cooperation among people living in a community.   IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRITY It make the citizens honest in all aspect of their living It bring about total commitment in whatever they do It raises the standard of morality in the society The society of people of integrity witness rapid development because… Read More »NEEDS FOR PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY

Civic Education


Integrity is the ability to stand on one’s word or promise. Irrespective of situation and circumstances one faces. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral, principles, norms, values and belief on how we relate to people, community and our nation. ATTRIBUTES OF INTEGRITY The following are the attribute of integrity: Contentment in all situation Honesty in dealing Truthfulness in all manner Non-compromise of one’s principle Perseverance and patience Respect and good neighbour lines Social justice and fair play Faithfulness and trustworthy Hardwork and courage. Assignment Define integrity   See also Managing For Results Self Employment Self-Employment State Security Service National Security

Social Studies

Managing For Results

Management is the act of controlling a business organization. The managing director serves as the overall boss of an organization, laying down all general lines of policy, and hiring and firing assistant managerial staff to carry out the decisions. NEEDS FOR EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT To raise the standard of living and improve the condition of the people. To increase production activities that will meet up with the demands of the people in the society. To reduce waste of human and material resources in production of private and public goods. To increase the turnover and profit an individual, organization and nation at large. To raise the national income of a country.   BENEFITS FOR EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT Effective management remotes economic growth and development in the society. It reduces unemployment and assist in eradicating poverty among the people in the society. It helps the society and organizations to achieve their goals for maximum… Read More »Managing For Results

Self Employment II

Source of Funding Content: Personal savings: Most self employ people normally raise the initial capital from savings they have made over a period of time. Gifts from friends and relations: some self employed people get their funds or capital from their relations or close friends. Loans from banks: self employed people do approach banks particularly micro-finance banks to get initial capital for their business. Plough-back profit: part of profit made by self employed are sometimes used to expand their business instead of spending on personal needs. Government assistance: sometimes individuals who receive vocational training from government agencies are financially supported to start off. It could be in cash or in kind.   GOVERNMENT AGENCIES PROMOTING SELF-EMPLOYMENT National Poverty Eradication Programmed (NAPEP) Government started initiating some poverty alleviation programmes among which was the establishment of national poverty eradication programmed in 2001.  Its primary responsibility is the coordination and monitoring of all… Read More »Self Employment II

Civic Education


Meaning Of Self-Employment Self-employment is the ability to work for one’s self instead of being under someone’s employment. He gets income from the business he runs personally.   FORMS OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT Fashion designing Catering Event photography Carpentry Tailoring Laundering Cleaning services Writing Car-wash services Auto-mechanic   NEED FOR SELF-EMPLOYMENT It helps in reducing unemployment. It helps in increasing level of employment It develops the economy It helps in increasing governments revenue through personal income tax paid by their employees It speeds up Economic development i.e. total transformation of society which is good for all and sundry.   EVALUATION What is self employment? What type of trade would you like to learn as a blue collar job? Explain in your own words. See also State Security Service National Security The role of citizen in constitutional developments REVIEW OF CHORD AND TRIADS EMBROIDERY

Civic Education

State Security Service

The sss in the federal government law enforcement agency in Nigeria it helps in internal policing. FUNCTIONS OF THE STATE SECURITY SERVICE Defending and protecting the federal government against domestic threats. Upholding and enforcing criminal laws in Nigeria. Providing leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law – enforcement agencies. Protection of president, vice- president, top government officials and their families.   Nigeria immigration service (NIS) was formally carved out from Nigeria police in 1958. Functions Control of aliens Issuance of Nigeria passport Issuance of resident permit to foreigners The national drug law enforcement agency NDLEA was established by decree 48 of 2000. FUNCTIONS OF NDLEA The co- ordination of all drug laws and enforcement of functions conferred on any person or authority. Adoption of measures to eradicate illicit cultivation of narcotic plants and to eliminate illicit demand for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance. Adoption of measures… Read More »State Security Service

Civic Education

National Security

National security could mean any defence plan by a nation which is good enough to successfully resist hostile or destructive action inside or outside a country.   ROLE OF CITIZENS IN MAINTAININ NATIONAL SECURITY Vigilance involves being conscious of the happenings within the environment. Vigilance helps in curbing the activities of vandals of government property e.g Transformers, Workers pioes, oil and gas pipelines e.t.c. Supply of useful information to security agents: Citizens should report to the police or other security agent anybody they feel is a threat to the security of life and property. Thereby curbing activities of the criminals. Remaining law abiding: Obedience to laws of the society helps in preventing anarchy, violence and riots in the country. Displaying patriotism: Patriotism means having love for ones fatherland. Therefore a patriotic and dedicated Nigerian will work for the good and peace of the country. Readiness to join the armed forces:… Read More »National Security

Civic Education

The role of citizen in constitutional developments

Citizen vote to elect their representatives to the national assembly and House of Representatives, they are the major pillars in sponsoring bills to amend any section of the constitution. Sending memorandum to National Assembly and House of Representatives on the portion that needs to be reviewed. This memorandum will serve as part of the citizen’s contribution at all level and to give wider consultation in amending the constitution of a country. 3          Organizing and attending public hearing about the portion that needs to be amended.  The legislative arm of government in their own capacity have right to invite the members of the public such as political parties, trade unions, students, past leaders etc to attend a public hearing on the need to amend the constitution of a country; and during  the process they can contributes their own quota towards achieving these aims and objectives. Nomination as candidates either by the… Read More »The role of citizen in constitutional developments

Civic Education


It is a group of people or constitution that direct the affairs of a country. They are put in place by people and it must possess political power. They maintain law and order in the society. STRUCTURE OF GOVERNMENT The structure of each arm of government depends on the operational systems of government in the country. In Nigeria, there are three tiers of government namely; the Federal of Nigeria, the state government and the local government. Each tier of government has the three arms of government. The Federal Government The federal executive is headed by the president and assisted by the vice president and others like secretary to the government of the federation and ministers. The make decisions for nation. The state government is headed by the governor who is assisted by the deputy governor, Secretary to the state government, commissioners etc. The legislature at this level is bicameral in… Read More »GOVERNMENT

Civic Education


Citizenship is a relationship between an individual and the country he lives in with full constitutional right. Goals of Citizenships To prepare students for leadership role To sustain democracy To educate youth about their duties and obligation TO FOSTER NATIONAL UNITY ACQUISITION OF CITIZENSHIP A citizen is defined as a legal member of a state with full constitutional right of that country we lives in. he enjoys certain rights and privileges and owes certain responsibility and obligation to the country. There are different ways of acquiring the citizenship of a country depending on the type of citizenship you are acquiring. The following are the methods of acquisition of citizenship. Citizenship by birth: This is when somebody is born between the tertiary of a country or a person whose parents are born in a particular country he/she becomes a citizen of that country. Citizenship by registration: This can happen in two… Read More »GOALS OF CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION

Civic Education


It helps in developing youth potentials: This helps them develop the right attitude and skills that will make them contribute meaningfully to the nation building. It reduces youth delinquency: It helps to reduce crime rate, negative behaviour and violence among the youths in the nation. It helps in investing in the future of the youth: investment in youth lives is wise it pays off in the long run. Promotion of self-reliance: Youth empowerment expose youth to vocational training of different types that equip them to be self-employed. They become employers of labours rather than applicant. It helps in discovering and developing youth leadership skills It helps in building youth ego and self-esteem. A youth may count himself useless in a society just because he is from a poor family, but with youth empowerment programmes, such youth may discover that he has a lot of talent and skills others do not… Read More »IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF YOUTH EMPOWERMENT

Civic Education


Youth empowerment includes all various ways of creating opportunity for youth to learn and prepare them for future roles and challenges for adulthood. It involves encouraging and developing the youth towards becoming self-employed and financially productive. It is a process of making youth gain needed skills for imparting their lives and the entire society. It has to do with provision of enabling environment or conditions which help youth to make important decision of lives by themselves rather being directed by others. Various youth empowerment skills Life working coping skills: These are affective, cognitive, and psychomotor skills useful for dealing with life problems and whose cautious accusation promotes individual growth. They are also defined as skills we use to offsets the disadvantages of day to day life. Positive coping skills help us to get through situations at the same level as those who do not have disadvantages. Negative coping skills provides… Read More »YOUTH EMPOWERMENT

Civic Education


Judging an individual without listening to his side of the story brings unfairness, partiality and injustice. Self – defence is protecting oneself against attack or something adverse. It is the use of force to protect oneself against someone attacking us. Every person should be security conscious in the society, hence, we will be protected against sudden adversities. BENEFITS OF OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEND ONESELF It reduces conflict in the society: given the opportunity to defend oneself issues will be amicably resolved without deteroriation. It prevents injustice: judgement is passed based on content of parties defence. It promotes peace in the society: the society is peaceful in justice and fairness. HOW TO DEFEND ONESELF AGAINST BEING ATTACKED Being careful about the type of people you keep as friends Avoid night clubbing apart from the fact that you can be vulnerable to physical and emotional attacks, you can be lured into hard drugs… Read More »OPPORTUNITY TO DEFENT ONESELF

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