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A citizen is someone who enjoys full political rights in a state and in return performs certain duties to the state. A citizen therefore is a legal member of a state.

Type of Citizenship

  1. Citizenship by birth: this is the situation whereby the parents of the person are
    natives in the country or a person born by citizens of a country. For example; a child born by Nigerian parents automatically becomes a Nigerian by birth.2. Citizenship by registration or marriage: this occurs when Nigerian male marries for example a Briton (a British) woman. The woman automatically becomes a citizen of Nigerian through registration of marriage.

    3. Citizenship by nationalization: this happens when an alien or a foreigner becomes a
    citizen of another country having fulfilled and satisfied the countries conditions to
    acquire the citizen of that country as laid down by the constitution of that country. It is a process by which an individual voluntary changes his/her citizenship of a state to that of another in which he or she resides. Some of the conditions that an alien of another country must fulfil are: as follow;

    * Applicant must be an adult acceptable in the community.
    *  Applicant must be of good character
    * Applicant must swear an oath of allegiance
    *.  Applicant must be able and have been contributing to community and national development and growth.
    * Applicant must have been residing in a particular community in that country for
    specific period of time.

    4. Honorary citizenship: from time to time the  government of a country have been
    honouring distinguished or important person or eminent person with citizenship of that country. For example such icon figures in Nigeria like: Sir Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi
    Azikwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo have been honoured with citizenship of other countries of the world.

    5. Citizenship by blood ties or decent: citizenship pf a country is also acquired through blood ties. This means that the, fact that a child was born in a particular
    community in the country does not necessarily confer the status of the
    citizenship on that person.

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