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The Meaning and Types of Citizenship

Citizenship refers to the relationship which exists between an individual and the country he lives. A citizen is expected to obey the law of the land and perform certain duties to his country. On the other hand, the country is also expected to protect the life and property of the citizen. The country is to provide basic amenities such as road, electricity, and pipe- borne water for the citizens.


Types of Citizenship

  1. Citizenship by Birth: The following are the ways Nigerian citizenship can be acquired by birth.
  2. Everyone born in Nigeria before 1st October 1960.Such person is a Nigerian citizen if any of his parents or grandparents was born in Nigeria.
  3. Everyone borninNigeria afterindependencei.e 1st October 1960 whose parents or grandparents are citizens of Nigeria


B. Citizenship by  Naturalization: Naturalization is a way by which a foreigner is made citizen of the country he resides having satisfied certain conditions. A foreigner who has resided in Nigeria for more than 15 years may apply tothePresident of Nigeriaforthegrantof a certificate of naturalization.


C. Citizenship by Registration:  Citizenship by Registration is very common among foreign women who have married Nigerian men. For instance an American woman that has married a Nigerian can decide to apply for Nigerian citizenship.


D. Honorary Citizenship: This occurs when the government of a country specially honours an eminent foreigner by granting him the citizenship of the country. The usual conditions are normally waived.


E. Citizenship by Decent: This occurs when an individual claims the citizenship of Nigeria because his grandparents are Nigerians though not born in Nigeria.



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