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Full-time: available
Part-time: not available
Prospective PG students (inc. current UG): available
Current PG students: not available
Entry year: 2022/23
 Undergraduate: not available
Postgraduate taught: available
Postgraduate research: not available

About the scholarship

Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. The Scholarships are an important element in Britain’s public diplomacy effort and bring young professionals, who have already displayed outstanding leadership talents, to study in the UK.


Chevening Scholarships operate in 116 countries worldwide, and this year will support approximately 700 individuals. Awards are typically for a one-year Master’s degree (although some awards are for tailor-made short courses), in any subject and at any of the UK’s leading universities. The Chevening programme began in 1983 and has developed into a prestigious international scheme.


Who are Chevening Scholarships aimed at?

Chevening Scholarships are for talented people who have been identified as potential future leaders across a wide range of fields; including politics, business, the media, civil society, religion, and academia. Applicants should be high calibre graduates with the personal, intellectual and interpersonal qualities necessary for leadership. Scholars undertake to return to their home country unless there are genuinely exceptional circumstances.


They have an excellent record of rising to positions of leadership in their respective professions. For example, past alumni include Baldwin Spencer, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda; Anote Tong, the President of Kiribati; Sergei Stanishev, the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria; Alvaro Uribe Velez, the former President of Colombia; Marek Belka, the former Prime Minister of Poland; and Gega Mgaloblishvili, the former Prime Minister of Georgia.


Where do most Chevening Scholars come from?

Countries with most Chevening Scholars this year include: China, India, Indonesia, Egypt, South Korea and Brazil – but the reach is genuinely global, with the exception of countries within the European Union and United States of America.


Who funds Chevening Scholarships?

The majority of funding comes from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. However, individual awards are co-sponsored by a wide range of international and local sponsors. UK universities also contribute through joint scholarships, recognising the exceptional quality of Chevening Scholars.


The objective of the Chevening programme

The objective of the Chevening programme is to support foreign policy priorities and achieve FCO objectives by creating lasting positive relationships with future leaders, influencers and decision makers. The programme provides a unique opportunity for leaders of the future to build a global network of continuing professional significance and also to establish social, cultural, academic or commercial partnerships with the UK.

Eligibility criteria

Scholars are personally selected by British High Commissioners throughout the world, sometimes in partnership with appropriate sponsoring organisations.

To be eligible for a Chevening Award you must:


You are not eligible for a Chevening Award if you:

Applicable courses

Full-time Master’s courses starting in September 2022

Criteria (from the Chevening website):

Start in the autumn term (usually September/October)
Taught master’s (i.e. not research-focused MRes programmes)
Lead to a Master’s degree qualification
Based in the UK
Course cannot be:

Distance learning
Less than nine months in duration
More than 12 months in duration
PhD or DPhil are not permitted
Taught with more than one month of study outside the UK

Eligible countries

Students from all countries, who meet the criteria, are eligible.


How to apply

Applications for Chevening Awards can only be submitted using the Chevening online application system, available through the ‘apply’ button on your country’s page on the Chevening website. Applications for Chevening Awards can only be submitted using the Chevening online application system, available through the ‘apply’ button on your country’s page on the Chevening website.


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