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 Cleaning Equipment

The home should be kept clean at all times. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the home, constant removal of dirt is important.

The following equipment is necessary for the removal of dirt:

  1.   Brooms
  2.   Scrubbing brush
  3.   Cobweb brush
  4.   Carpet brush
  5.   Toilet brush
  6.   Buckets and Basins
  7.   Dustpan and hand broom
  8.   Mop and mop bucket


State factors to consider when choosing different cleaning equipment.

  1.  Choice and Care of:
  2.  Brooms and brushes
  3.  Buckets, basins and karais
  4.  Dustpans
  5.  Labour saving equipment


Brooms and Brushes

  1.  Buy for the correct purpose.
  2.  Material used should be durable.
  3.  Bristles should be firmly fixed.
  4.  The head and handle must be smooth and curved.



  1.  Use for the correct purpose.
  2.   Remove loose dirt after every use and clean regularly.
  3.   Store them appropriately so that the bristles are not damaged.
  4.   Never store them when wet to avoid bad smell.


Basins, Buckets, Karais

  1.   Choose those made from durable material.
  2.   Should be light in weight.
  3.   Should be easy to clean.
  4.   Should be washed after use with warm soapy water, rinsed and dried before storage.
  5.   Store in a cool, clean and dry place.
  6.   Avoid using scouring pads and strong abrasives as they scratch the surface.



  1.  The edges should be smooth.
  2.  Should have a flat base.
  3.  Should be made from durable material.
  4.  Clean after every use and store appropriately.
  5.  Thoroughly clean weekly in hot soapy water, rinse and dry.
  6.  Do not bang as they loose shape.
  7.  Use for intended purpose.


Labour Saving Equipment

  1.  Choice and care of labour saving equipment
  2.  Should be strongly constructed.
  3.  Should have all the necessary attachments.
  4.  Buy one that can be easily operated.
  5.  Make sure it has the correct voltage.
  6.  Get a manual and a certificate of warranty
  7.  Get a demonstration from the dealer.
  8.  Ensure availability of after sales service and spare parts.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Occasionally empty the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner. Replace the brushes of a carpet sweeper once worn out. Wind the cord around the handle and keep all attachments together while not in use. Store in a hanging position.


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