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Human rights are basic or fundamental rights that citizens of a country must enjoy. These rights are usually written in the country’s constitution. Examples of human rights are: right to life, right to freedom of speech, right to freedom of movement, right to fair hearing, right to vote and be voted for, right to freedom of religion etc. All these rights can further be grouped into the following types; SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RIGHTS Right to life and security Right to privacy Right to education Right to peaceful assembly and association Right to freedom from oppression Right to work and earn a living Right to favorable conditions of work (e.g workers should not be sacked unjustly) POLITICAL RIGHTS Right to vote and be voted for Right to join any political party of one’s choice LEGAL RIGHTS Right to fair hearing Right to family life Equality before the law Right to personal… Read More »HUMAN RIGHTS

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The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning

The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning During the recent COVID pandemic, the education industry went through a major paradigm shift. Classroom lectures were not feasible considering the risk factors during the COVID pandemic. It is why the education industry started using online channels to continue its operations. If you are an educator trying to leverage the power of online teaching, you should include video in your teaching. Videos play an important role when it comes to connecting with the students remotely. Let us know a definitive guide for using videos in teaching and learning. Types of videos used in online teaching and learning The first type of video used in online teaching is live video. By using digital channels like Google Meet and Zoon, teachers are live streaming to students. Live teaching videos don’t require extra editing efforts. You can simply use a live streaming platform… Read More »The Educator’s Guide To Using Video In Teaching And Learning

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