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Benefits of Contact and Non – Contact Sports

Benefits of Contact Sports

  1. Contact Sports help to develop the spirit of sportsmanship.
  2. They help to inculcate in individual importance of cooperation.
  3. They encourage team spirit.
  4. They help an individual to execute skills learnt.
  5. They help to develop physical fitness.
  6. They increase strength and endurance.
  7. They improve self – image.
  8. They decrease the risk of obesity.
  9. They help in cardiovascular conditioning.
  10. They help players improve their performance and skills through practice and hard work.


Benefits of Non – Contact

  1. Non – Contact Sports serve as means of livelihood.
  2. They help to develop skills.
  3. They develop personality and social traits.
  4. They are for recreation and relaxation.
  5. They improve body posture.
  6. They develop courage.



  1. State the benefits of contact and non – contact sports.
  2. Mention the components of physical fitness that are beneficial to the body.



  1. Exercise helps to keep the body ______ A. fit B. healthy C. rounded D. vigorous.
  2. Regular exercise helps the body to ______ A. gain enough weight B. gain weight C. keep fit
  3. lose excess weight.
  4. All these are benefits of physical education on human heart except ______ A. creating greater volume of the heart B. increasing the size of the heart C. increasing weight of the heart
  5. reducing the size of the heart.
  6. The benefits of contact sports include the following except ______ A. fosters unity and cohesion B. promotes teamwork C. promotes socialization D. promotes winner takes all.
  7. The benefits of non – contact sports include the following except ______ A. sense of responsibility B. creativity is enhanced C. promotes high level of concentration D. victories are shared.



  1. List five benefits of contact sports.
  2. List five benefits of non – contact sports.


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