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Mr. Oyedepo D.O

Social Studies


Social conflict can be described as disagreement, struggle, fight or quarrel between two or more people in the society in the process of interaction. It can also be defined as misunderstanding between two or more people as a result of differences in opinion, ideas, beliefs, values or goals.   Conflicts arise in the society when there is no cooperation or agreement. It should be noted that conflict is unavoidable in the society if people keep interacting with one another. But when conflicts arise it should be well and properly managed. There are basically two types of conflicts: Peaceful conflict Violent conflict Peaceful Conflict: peaceful conflict is the type of conflict that occurs as a result of competition between two people or groups who seek to achieve a common goal by competing with one another. Examples of peaceful conflicts are football match, school debate, inter school sports, etc. Violent Conflict: this… Read More »SOCIAL CONFLICTS

Social Studies


Science and technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve perceived or advertised practical problems. The application of science and technology has made tremendous impact in the transportation system in Nigeria and all over the world. Below are the impact of science and technology on world transportation system.   Science and technology has led to the construction of good and reliable roads, rails and bridges which has made transportation easier and comfortable. Science and technology has made possible for the production of cars, aircrafts, ships, boats, etc that has made the transportation of people and good easy and convenient. It has helped to enhance international trade among countries of the world. It made the construction of airports and seaports possible. It has ensured speed in the movement of people and goods from one location to another.   PROBLEMS OF TRANSPORTATION IN NIGERIA Inadequate funding of transport infrastructures. Poor maintenance… Read More »IMPACT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ON WORLD TRANSPORTATION

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