Hits: 641[xyz-ihs snippet=”Google-Adsense”]NATIONAL UNITY AND INTEGRATION National unity and integration: Nigeria is made up of many ethnic groups who rule themselves through various means based on kinship. The Hausa/Fulanis had Emirs and Sarkis as their kings, the Yorubas/Edos have Obas while the Igbos were ruled by elders and village assembly. National unity has now brought […]

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Hits: 37[xyz-ihs snippet=”Google-Adsense”] CITIZENSHIP Citizenship means membership of a country, nation or state. A citizen is a legal member of wherever he comes from and has some rights, duties and obligations. Types of citizenship By Birth: A person becomes a citizen of the country where he is born. By Marriage and Registration: A foreigner can […]

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Hits: 19[xyz-ihs snippet=”Google-Adsense”] VALUES Values is the actual worth of a thing in monetary terms. Values can be seen as the importance that we attach to a thing. Society values refers to the norms, standards and principles which the society expects from people living in it. Forms of values Moral values: This has to do […]

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Hits: 78SOCIALIZATION Socialization is the process by which a child learns how to do things like other human beings in the society. A child is helpless and dependent on other people around him for everything therefore, as he grows, through daily contact and interactions with other human beings he learns how to do things like […]

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Hits: 19[xyz-ihs snippet=”Google-Adsense”]PEOPLE AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT Environment is the totality of our surroundings. Both man and the resources he depends on are all found in the environment. Our environment is made up of both physical and social surroundings. Types of environment Physical environment Social environment The physical environment refers to the things that surrounds us, […]

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Hits: 125INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL STUDIES NATURE OF SOCIAL STUDIES Social studies is an integrated subject because it draws its ingredients from other social science subjects like geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, history, etc. It helps us to understand differences in our culture and how conflict can be settled through dialogue. It helps us to […]

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