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Blessing Ugochukwu

Literature in English


The poem is a metaphorical depiction of a nation as destroyer of the dreams and aspirations of her citizen. The nameless nation referred to as ‘the Land’,is likened to different predatory animals. It is likened to ‘a giant whale’, which swallow other water creatures alive to satisfy its own hunger and sometimes greed and leaving  in its wake frustration and sadness. The land is  also likened to ‘a Sabretoothed tiger’ whose cries send other creature of wild, especially  the vulnerable and weaker ones, into a run for their dear lives. Having used animals of water and land for his imagery as stated in the poem ,the poet uses that of space in third stanza. The land is likened to ‘a giant hawk’, a dangerous predatory bird that attacks other birds, both flying and non- flying ones, and even other animals like rodents and reptites. The poet see the land as… Read More »AMBUSH

Literature in English

African Poetry; ‘Vanity’ Birago Diop

CONTENT ANALYSIS. Birago Diop is a poet who is conscious of the continuing presence of the ancestors of the symbolic and meaningful expression of their experience which they have left in the elements around us. In this poem, there is a warning that if we fail to heed  to the voice of the ancestors we have lost our hope of protection, psychological defence against the changing fortune of life. The poem has something similar to that of the Bible ‘Vanities’saith the Preacher, all is Vanity (ECCL 1:2) THEMES The following are themes that could be identify in the poem. Theme of poverty. Theme of helplessness. Theme of death Theme of heroic deeds. POETIC DEVICES The poem consist of five stanzas full of imagery and rhetorical question.The poet who was in a worry mood when writing the poem adopts a tone of concern. Repetition – Line 1 Paradox _Line 4-5 Synodoche… Read More »African Poetry; ‘Vanity’ Birago Diop

Literature in English


(I)         Features of unseen poem (ii)        The unseen poem must be short (iii)       Use simple language. For example   I hear a sudden cry of Pain! There is a rabbit in a snare Now I hear the cry again But I cannot kill from where   But I cannot tell from where He is calling out for aid Crying on the frightened air, Making everything afraid   Making everything afraid Wrinkling up his little face, And the cry again for aid And I cannot find the place! And I cannot find the place Where his paw is in the same Little one! Oh little one! I am searching everywhere.   QUESTION Give a Suitable but short title to this poem what is the Rhyme Scheme? iii.         The poet repeats the last line at every in the stanza in the first line of the next         stanza. Why do you the… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO THE UNSEEN POEM

Literature in English


1a.       Features of unseen Prose Features of unseen prose (i)         Suspense: This technique involves the creating of expectation through       deliberate delay of information. It is commonly used to provoke reader             participation. (ii)        Flash back: This is a narrative techniques use to bring into focus earlier      occurrence in the course of a chronological sequence of events. It involves            injecting past happenings in the life of a character into the present. (iii)       Foreshadowing: By this device a writer provides hints in the story about a   further happenings. It gives the reader an intimacy on an event which is to    follow on later in the action. (iv)       Interior Monologue: This involves a cheater talking alone. It is mostly used in          drama where it is called a dramatic monologue. It is also known as “stream of consciousness” and it perfect form. (v)        Dialogue: Mostly used in drama… Read More »INTRODUCTION TO THE UNSEEN PROSE

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