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Growth is the irreversible increase in dry mass, size and complexity of an organism brought about by the synthesis of new protoplasm.
For growth to be effective, building up of materials (anabolism) must exceed the rate of breaking down (catabolism).

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The cell is the simplest, smallest, basic, structural and functional unit of life. The cell can carry out all life activities such as growth, respiration e. t. c.
Cells can exist in various forms which include

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A microscope is an instrument used in magnifying and viewing organisms smaller than 0.1mm that is too tiny to be seen by the human eyes. A compound light microscope consists of the following parts:
• Revolving nose piece: it is used for selecting lens to be used and to be in line with the eye piece.
• Objective lenses (low, medium and high power): for magnification of object
• Eye piece lens or ocular: for viewing magnified object.
• Body tube: provides attachment to eyepiece, revolving nose piece, low-power, medium-power and high-power objective lens.

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