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ArtUniverse Scholarship

ArtUniverse offers a scholarship for:

 dancers and choreographers,
 actors of physical theatre and circus performers,
 theatre directors,
 arts administrators,
 film and video makers.

A scholarship can be awarded to students and working professionals of the fields listed below regardless of their race, gender expression, ethnicity, religion or belief, and status. The main criteria are the applicant’s ability to show their potential for professional development and clear motivation to participate in performing arts training.


ArtUniverse Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. While considering the applications, we assess your professional background and achievements, individual experience, qualifications, as well as professional skills, communication and creativity shown during the application process. Priority is given to those candidates who are able to show their reliability, the potential for professional development and clear motivation to participate in contemporary performing arts processes at the international level.

Financial aid is granted on the basis of demonstrated efforts in personal fund-raising. Thus, the applicant should provide proof that he/she had previously tried to obtain funding from other sources (charitable foundations, non-profit organizations etc.) to participate in the training.


Full scholarship.

The scholarship is granted on the conditions that a student will be providing technical assistance during the course:
Such assistance may include preparing the room where the workshop is taking place, organizing catering, supply of water, helping with equipment, and other minor miscellaneous tasks.

A scholarship holder must:
 Always come to the training room reasonably in advance (at the appointed time and place),
 Attend all the classes included in the program,
 Provide all necessary technical assistance.

Partial scholarship.
See obligations for scholarship holders

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