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Augsburg’s American Indian Recognition Full Tuition Program aims to support and promote the importance of American Indian students on campus. Unlike many public institutions, Augsburg’s program does not limit eligibility to American Indian students who live in the state. The program defines “American Indian” as an enrolled member of any federally recognized American Indian tribe, Alaskan Native Village, or Canadian First Nation, or a direct descendent (child or grandchild) of an enrolled or tribally verified member.


All students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any associated required documentation for each academic year they are enrolled. For eligible students with family incomes under $125,000, the program will cover all remaining tuition and fees after federal and state gift aid has been applied. The program will cover 100% of unmet need (defined as tuition and standard fees minus the student’s Estimated Family Contribution from the FAFSA) for eligible students with family incomes above $125,000. Students can apply other scholarships or external financial aid toward costs such as housing, meals, transportation, and books. Please note that changes in any subsequent year’s FAFSA data may result in an adjustment either increasing or decreasing the program amount.


As of Fall 2022, the program will be open to currently enrolled or newly admitted full-time first year students, full-time transfer students, and participants in any of Augsburg’s undergraduate adult degree completion programs. Admitted students must be seeking their first bachelor’s degree. The program is renewable for up to eight full-time fall and spring terms for traditional undergraduate students, or until degree requirements are completed for adult degree completion students.


To be eligible, students must demonstrate a commitment, grounded in lived experience, to recognizing the importance and diversity of American Indians in higher education. A student does not need to be a Minnesota resident or establish residence on trust land to participate.


Interested students should complete and receive approval for the program online application prior to May 1 for fall enrollment and December 1 for spring enrollment. To explore this opportunity and learn more about the Augsburg community, connect with an admission counselor or request more information.


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