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Accident in Schools | Forms, Preventions, & Steps Taken

What is accident? Accident is the sudden occurrence of an unpleasant event which causes injury on an Individual or a group of people. Accident are always unplanned for and always worked against by providing safety measure in the society.

Forms of Accidents in School

  1. Falling from stair case
  2. Electric shocks
  3. Sliding in the toilet
  4. Hitting of a student eye by teacher why caning.
  5. Fracture while running or playing games on the pitch.
  6. Burns from fire or chemical.


Prevention of accident in Schools

  1. Remove all dangerous materials that can cause accident from the ground, classes or laboratory.
  2. Student should avoid playing with dangerous instruments, or objects such as razorblade, knife, bottles etc.
  3. Avoid exposed live electrical cable
  4. All broken or bad sockets should be changed
  5. Dangerous chemicals used in the laboratories should be kept in special rooms inaccessible to the students.
  6. First aid kits should be provided in laboratories School clinic etc
  7. Fire extinguisher should be provided in schools


  1. Report to teachers or any adult around that can help.
  2. Ensure the victim or injured person receives first aid treatment immediately.
  3. Take care the victim to the sick bay, school clinic or hospital for intensive care.
  4. Remove the object or material that caused the injury or accident.



  1. Define accident
  2. How can accident be prevented in schools?

3. Mention five forms of accident in school

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