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Academic Excellence Fee Scholarships

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International Academic Excellence Fee Scholarships

 Full-time: available
Part-time: not available
Prospective PG students (inc. current UG): available
Current PG students: not available
Entry year: 2022/23
 Undergraduate: available
Postgraduate taught: available
Postgraduate research: not available
Unlimited scholarships available

About the scholarship

Students from all other countries excluding EU countries will be automatically assessed for academic-related fee scholarships worth £2,500, £3,000 or £3,500 based on your entry qualifications and nationality.

Students on discounted partnership programmes are not entitled to this scholarship. The scholarship is only applicable to students who enter their programme in Year 0 (Foundation) or Year 1.

This scholarhsip is only available to students paying the full international fee.

Eligible countries

Students from all countries, who meet the criteria, are eligible.

Payment amount & frequency

Undergraduate entry


Postgraduate entry

How to apply

These scholarships are automatically processed by the University and no separate application is required.


The amount of scholarship that you are entitled to will be shown on your offer letter.


Please note that students can only receive one scholarship or discount so students who are eligible for more than 1 award will be given the award of the highest value.


Students must be paying their own fees.


Students in receipt of external funding e.g. chevening scholarships are not entitled to this award.

This award is instead of the Country Specific Scholarship NOT in addition to it.

Find out more

Email Admissions for further information.


See also


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