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Abstinence means refraining from all types of sexual activities orsexually gratifying activities. Sexual abstinence is practiced in every country in the world and is the only sure way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.


Abstinence the action of refraining from sexual activity, isto prevent unwanted pregnancies. In fact, it is the normal and acceptable practice used by men and women of all ages who are not yet prepared to accept the risks of sexual activity. Abstinence requires a conscious decision and effort to avoid sexual intercourse in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS.


How Students Can Stay Abstinent

It’s natural to want to express your feelings in physical ways, but you also know God wants you to remain sexually pure – in both actions and your thoughts

  1. Pace your passion and set your boundaries: – it means that you are trying to remain pure all the way to your wedding day. Don’t start messing with the package that is sex. Avoid all forms of kissing and petting anything that is sure to ignite the fires of passion. Don’t be tempted.
  2. Don’t feed your fantasies: – Choose your entertainment carefully. Soap operas, certain songs, books, television shows, movies, etc. feeding your thought life with junk only makes it hard to remain pure in your action.
  3. Make a promise to God and daily renew your commitment: Decide where you’re going to, draw the line and tell God that with his help, you are not going to cross that line until marriage. Don’t commit to it unless you mean it. It is a serious thing to make a vow to God.
  4. Avoiding situation that will tempt you (being alone with the opposite sex in your room).
  5. Be focused: – place all your concentration on your studies. Increase you reading culture. Don’t be idle.
  6. Resist all forms of dirty conversation.
  7. Be disciplined.


Reasons for Abstaining from Sexual Intercourse

  1. Some teenagers are not emotionally ready.
  2. To avoid negative consequences and protect their individual’s health.
  3. To save one’s virginity for someone who will always be special.
  4. Fear of pregnancy, STIs and HIV/AIDS.
  5. Religious or cultural disapproval.
  6. Personal values about premarital sexual activity.
  7. To live up to parental expectations.
  8. Fear of being caught by parents.



  1. Define abstinence.
  2. Mention four reasons for abstaining from sexual intercourse.
  3. Mention four causes of common crime.



  1. Abstinence means ……….. engaging in infidelity   B. refusing to get married   C. engaging in sexual intercourse   D. not engaging in sexual intercourse.
  2. Which of thesebehaviour may not promote love relationships? A. Aggressiveness
  3. Good communication C.Tolerance D. Sharing and caring
  4. Sexual activity between close blood relations is called ……. A. rape incest C. sexual intercourse   D. sexual harassment
  5. The following factors could destroy friendship EXCEPT………. A. gossiping B. honesty betrayal of trust    D. selfishness.
  6. ……. is one of the reasons of abstaining from sex. A. To avoid negative consequences
  7. It is the not the commandment of God C. readiness to take responsibility D. it is generally acceptable in the society.



  1. Define abstinence.
  2. Mention five reasons for abstaining from sex.

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