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I welcome you to School Portal NG.  School Portal NG is the fastest growing E-learning Portal and Learning Management System (LMS) for schools, teachers, students and all learners.

School Portal NG is a web-based E-learning portal and Learning Management System (LMS) for administration, documentation, courses delivery, online tests, quizzes, training programs, subject materials, past questions delivery, etc. It helps teachers and instructors deliver subjects/courses contents to the students, learners and allows students have access to the subjects’ contents.

School Portal NG is completely free and we do not charge any fee or money to use it. All courses/subjects are totally free to use for now. We make it free for life as we intend to add more useful contents.

We believe in free education and learning. However, if you find this portal useful. You can support by donating to us. We will always appreciate you. It will keep the learning portal and services online active.

We have multiple quality teachers and instructors from different quality schools with quality educational background, they have contributed to the development of the subjects on School Portal NG. The curriculum here covers a wide range of courses (Sciences, Arts, Commercial, Management, Junior subjects, Vocational, Entrepreneur, etc.) and also covers National and International examinations such as WASSCE, NECO, SSCE, GCE, JSS 3 BECE, UTME, Nursing, TOEFL, etc.

School Portal NG has the following benefits:

  1. Organizes E-learning classes in one location
  2. Provides unlimited access to E-learning contents
  3. Easily tracks learning progress and performance
  4. Reduces learning and development cost
  5. Reduces learning and development time
  6. Keep teachers and students up to date
  7. Quickly and conveniently expand elearning courses.
  8. Integrates social learning experience
  9. Centralized, simplified and blended learning
  10. Technology leverage for better learning
  11. Social learning can be increased
  12. Engaged learning also increases because the students have greater control and freedom over their lessons.
  13. Range of evaluation tools
  14. Tracking and reporting features
  15. Evaluation capability
  16. Easy upgrades
  17. Manages courses/subjects, users, roles and instructors
  18. Online assessment
  19. Support content in various formats, text, video, audio etc.
  20. Access materials anytime and from everywhere and lots more…


School Portal NG is built with a robust framework, has maximum security web tools, hosted on one of the most dedicated and trusted web servers in the US and UK to give a faster response time, faster web page load and is available online 24/7.

School Portal NG is built by an experienced and dedicated IT instructor that has taught in different high standard schools such as Debisland Schools, Ikorodu, Queen’s College (QC), Yaba. Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba, Lagos. He had trained the Nigerian Customs Officers in Ogun State and Rivers State, trained the Nigerian Police Officers in Brinin Kebbi, Kebbi State.

He is a computer science graduate, computer technician, website developer, teacher, CISCO I.T Essential Instructor, NECO Examiner and an author of ‘Teach Yourself Computer’. He is currently teaching in Yaba College of Technology (Secondary School), Yaba, Lagos State and also a lecturer in Yaba College of Technology (Polytechnic).

With over 11 years in the Educational sector and interaction with different teachers and students in different schools in different locations with different educational challenges. I decided to create a platform to increase interactions between teachers and students, make learning and teaching effective and interesting, increase knowledge and create awareness, solve the problem of mass failure as many prefer to use computer to do almost everything in their lives, reduce examination malpractice. Increase reading habits and ability to answer questions online at any time anywhere and any day. Learners gain undiluted knowledge from professionals in the field.

School Portal NG subjects’ contents are from real qualified and high quality teachers from different high standard schools and they are currently very active in the teaching job. So expect only the best contents that can match any National and International standards.

Everything here is totally free. We can make the world a better place for all. Contribute your part to the development of a child today.

Finally, School Portal NG is free, painless and priceless. Enjoy your E-learning!

Thanks alot

Samuel Okeke

CEO & Founder of School Portal Nigeria


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